Please Note :

* Only for the external candidates
* Applications must be submitted online.
* Below link must be completed and submitted by 30th of November 2020.
* Manual application will not be accepted by the school office on any circumstances !

Link for Application

Rev. Sr. Principal

පුංචි සුරංගනාවි

Grade 1 -  A.A. Minoshi Prahansa Athapaththu


අපූරු දඬුවම

Grade 4 -  M.K . Anakshi Umesra

    Cover Page  12 Rosa suwadathi  

 Udaw Udaw 

Grade 4 - Viduni Thewanja Gunasinghe


 Rosa Suwadethi Le

Grade 12 - Nethmi Fernando


 Samanala Yaluwo

Grade 3 - Resadhi Thisanya


Raththaran Duwa

Grade 3 - Mindi Piyasena


 Parithyaga Shili Pawula

Grade 5 - K.S. Kristina Fernando



 Hodama Dawasa

Grade 4 - K.M.G. Minma Sanindi


 Divi Kathare Wikasitha Mal

Grade 12 - Gihansa Wethmini Peiris



 Awasana Inima

Grade 12 -


 Apuru Dupatha

Grade 5 - H.M.S Vidarshana Bandara


   දුරස්ථව ගිය සබැදියාව

Grade 3 -  බර්නඩින් චේනුරි


This notice for all the External Candidates who seek admission forG.C.E. A/L 2020-2022 at Good Shepherd Convent, Panadura. The interview will be commence on the above candidates on 8th , 9th, 10th and 11thfrom 9.00 a.m-12.00 p.m.
The following documents should be submitted
1. Certified true copy of O/L certificate
2. A copy of birth certificate 
3. National Identity Card
4. Baptismal Certificate ( Catholic only )
5. Certificates of achievements
The Principal

Dear Student ,

The students who will be sitting for the O/L 2020, Please connect to this link and submit your Application  on or before the 10th of June 2020.

Application Link

Dear Students and Parents,

As we all aware of the crisis situation prevailing in our country, the Staff of Good Shepherd Convent, Panadura have taken some efforts to enhance the education of our children. Dear parents, we have already presented the 1st Study Pack in our school website and hope to send the 2nd Study Pack as soon as possible.

Dear Parents, it is your responsibility to prepare a time table for the convenience of your child and make sure whether they are engaging with the given work. I requested all the parents to join the school Facebook page/Website to receive the special notices of the school during these holidays. Please stay safe and God Bless you all.

Thank you.

The Principal,
Rev. Sr. Mary Sujani Fernando