The Staff of Past Years

Rt. Rev. Thomos Cooray OMI then the Archbishop of Colombo realized that Panadura a Buddhist stronghold is in need of a Catholic School. Rev. Fr. Alex Ranasingha then the Parish Priest of Panadura, with the help of Good Shepherd Sister started a primary School on February 2nd 1953 in a temporary house donated by Buddhist native doctor, in Gunananda Mawatha . This was the first School conducted by Sister Mary Ailbie, Sister Philomina and three other teachers.

Later on 2nd July 1953 a new building was constructed at the present school premises and conducted classes for 33 students. Due to lack of space and increasing number of students, then sister superior Mary Cuthbert Maconeli purchased the adjoining land in order to expand the school. The school was registered as a Catholic School in 1954.

In the early years the school was mixed school . In the year 1964 it became a girls’ school. The most important thing happened in 1968 was the composing of the school song. In that particular year grade 6,7 and 8 classes were started and the school Western and Eastern Bands were formed.

In 1972 the school was entitled to the new education system and then in 1976 for the first time in the school history students were forwarded for G.C.E. (O/L) Examination and in 1997 students sat for G.C.E. (A/L) Examination in the streams of Art and Commerce .Since then the Shepherdians were able to come out with flying colors at their various examinations bringing honour to their ALMA MATER.

At present the school has about 1000 students on enroll and a tutorial staff of 40 teachers. It has progressed through all these years due to the strong commitment and dedication of the Principals and the teachers, and assistance given by of parents and past pupils.


Past Principals:

Rev.Sister Mary Ernestine
Rev.Sister Mary Anthony
Rev.Sister Mary Xavior
Rev.Sister Mary Benjamin
Rev.Sister Mary Dhammika
Rev.Sister Mary Ernestine   Rev.Sister Mary Anthony   Rev.Sister Mary Xavior   Rev.Sister Mary   Rev.Sister Mary
            Benjamin   Dhammika










Rev. Sr. Muriel
Rev. Sr. Mary Francine
Sr.Marie Jeewani Martinus
Rev. Sr. Muriel   Rev. Sr. Mary Francine   Rev. Sr.Marie Jeewani         
Wickramarathne   Muthugala   Martinus        








 St.Mary Euphrasia :

St.Mary EuphrasiaSt.Mary Euphrasia, the founder of the Good Shepherd congregation was one who followed the footsteps of Jesus the Good Shepherd. It was she who instilled into the good shepherd sisters the importance of imitating the life of Jesus the Good Shepherd at all times, showing in their lives the “compassionate love of Jesus”, living up to the charism of the good shepherd congregation, that of showing limitless mercy. Sr. Mary Euphrasia, the woman who founded the Sisters of the Good Shepherd,left a legacy of timeless and wise teachings. These best practice principles drive our services based on dignity, trust and a profound respect for those we serve.