Good Shepherd Convent Panadura

Principal's Message


I am honoured to serve as the shepherdess of Good Shepherd Convent, Panadura guiding the flock with essential values for a remarkable lifestyle in our community. I express gratitude to almighty God, my parents, Alma mater, Rev.sisters and teachers for their unwavering support.

Catholic education pays attention to the integral formation of the person while imparting knowledge and promoting spiritual well being so that they could be asset in society as individuals who are very conscious and dedicated to whatever duties assigned to them.

Gospel values of charity and unity have been inculcated into their lives so that they grow to accept and respect everyone irrespective of race,creed or status.

Hence our focus is to enrich every student with these values as our mission and vision clearly describe " A just world where women, girls and children enjoy their rights with dignity, freedom and fullness of life."

The birth of our school goes back to the 2nd February, 1953. We remember with love and gratitude our dear pioneers Rev.Sister Philomina, sister Mary Ailbie with three other teachers giving birth and life to this home of education with 33 students at the beginning.

From there onwards different, energetic principals with dedicated teachers, support parents and well wishes did their very best to bring the school upto the standard it is today.

Embracing Albert Einstein's wisdom, " look deep into nature and you will understand everything better." We focus our attention on the growth of the whole person, counting every child as special. We live in a digital era and a highly competitive world where everyone tries to fly above the other. While it is Good to climb up the ladder to achieve our own goal, it is even better to look into ourselves, to identify the humanity within and aspire world peace, peace among people and peace within mother nature for our breath comes from her.

The school is the only place and your second home where you begin to learn, to live in love, understanding, caring for others, forgiving and upholding everyone. This, your second home provides you every opportunity to grow in their virtues.

My dear students, be happy and be grateful. Your school has given you many opportunities to excel in knowledge and skills. Grab them." Do something not because you have to, but because you want to." It is your task to find what you want to do. For your time is right now. Invest your energy, your time and your love, for education and raise your character. The journey ahead is not going to be a walk in the park. You will face a lot of challenges. Today you may not understand the value of it. But trust, there will be a day that you will. Whatever you do, do it right. And do it with love. Make your school proud. Your strength is your unity and your unity is your strength.

I thank almighty God and religious family for trusting me and entrusting me with this specific responsibility of moulding the characters of these children. Placing my confidence in my god with the guidance of the holy spirit, with the help of my religious family and the support of my dedicated staff and generous parents, I will be able to fulfil my mission here in Good Shepherd Convent, Panadura.

Sr.Mary Beatrice Samarakoon
Good Shepherd Convent, Panadura.