Good Shepherd Convent Panadura

CSchool Rules and Regulations

School Uniform:

  • The uniform is a white frock with five pleats on either side.
  • The tie, with pocket with the school monogram and sock.
  • White shoes should be worn.
  • Long hair should be plaited and tied back with a green ribbon.


All the students should stay in their classrooms before 7.25a.m. Every effort should be made to arrive on time. Punctuality is an important characteristic of a responsible student.

Students should not get late for the lessons held outside their own classrooms. They should walk in a line as quickly as possible when the bell rings.

After the interval, when the bell rings, students should line up quickly and in silence. Afterwards they should go to their classrooms quickly and quietly.


Students should remain quietly in the classroom after each bell rings until the teacher arrives.

Keeping the class quiet in the absence of a teacher is the responsibility of the monitors.

Food and drink / water are to be consumed only before school commences, during the interval or after school. Permission should be obtained from the teacher if you need to drink something during the lessons. Chewing gum or other substances in class are not allowed.

Students should respect and be loyal to the Principal and the staff. They should obey and respect the Prefects who have been appointed to maintain good discipline.

Silence must be observed during morning and afternoon prayers and after the interval bell. Students should stop walking immediately when the prayers begin.

When the school is dismissed at the end of the day, students are expected to leave in an orderly manner in a line, following the instructions given.

No student should leave class without permission except during the interval


When walking along the road do not cause any obstruction to traffic or for pedestrians. Avoid blocking the bus halt or the pavement in large groups.

Behavior while traveling in the school vans, busses and other forms of public transport should be polite .

Students are not permitted to visit shops, attend private tuition classes and other public places in the school uniform. They may do so with prior permission or if accompanied by a teacher.

No photographs of students or any other publicity is allowed in the mass media, including websites, face book , blogs or social networks on the web, with the exception of the school websites, unless prior permission has been obtained from the Principal.


If absent, parent / guardian should record the reason and sign in the leave /absence section and get it counter signed by the class teacher.

If absent for more than three days parents/ guardian Should accompany the child and state the reason for the absence to the Principal.

80% attendance during the year and attendance at all school tests is essential.

Getting absent for more than a month without prior notice may be informed to the Principal at least 2 weeks in advance in writing, providing accurate details .


Unless with the expressed permission of the Principal no student can leave the school early.


The uniform is a white frock with five pleats on either side. The tie, with pocket with the school monogram and socks should be obtained only from the office. White shoes should be worn.

Costume jewellery, fancy wrist watches, gold chains, bangles, rings, fancy shoes are not permitted. A pair of plain gold ear studs may be worn. Students should abstain from painted and long fingernails.

Hairstyles should be simple as befitting as school girl. Chip short hair with plain black chips. Long hair should be plaited and tied back with a green ribbon. Students are not permitted to tint, straighten or layer their hair.

Students who attend school for extra classes and other co-curricular activities should come to school and leave school in the school uniform.


Text books should be used with care. All the books should be clean and maintained properly.

Parents are advised to meet their child's teachers at least once a term.

It is essential for the parents /guardian to examine the evaluation and term test marks of their children's educational progress.

Parents can meet the principal on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.00 a.m -10.00 a.m , 12.30 p.m – 01.30 p.m. Parents can contact the school during the school hours only.

School phone no : 038 2235060
Fax no : 038 2235960


School property and environment should be treated with respect.

Furniture, sports equipment and Library books should be treated with utmost care.

Keep your classrooms and the ground clean. Remember to Switch off lights and fans when you leave the classroom or hall.

School fees should be paid on or before the 10th of every month.


Students are not allowed to participate in any kind of public performance, without the permission of the Principal.

Permission however will not be granted for activities such as modeling, participating in beauty pageants, fashion parades, acting in films in the theater, on television, in advertisements or in any other similar event, which may distract a student from her studies.


Diaries, Photographs, Novels, Autographs, Mobile phones, SIM cards, CD's ,DVD's ,Video Games, Pen drives, Cameras, Tip x, etc. are not usually permitted in school. They may be permitted for special reasons if a prior request is made.


Two weeks' notice must be given to the Principal prior to the withdrawal of pupils from school.

Leaving certificates and other documents will not be produced during Holidays. Students are reminded that after leaving school, they should call for their school leaving certificates within 06 months.

The Principal has the sole right to alter or add any changes to the above rules and regulations if necessary .